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Glass splashbacks serve a multipurpose function – they look fantastic and they help to keep your kitchen cleaner and more hygienic. If you’re installing one for the first time then prepare for a much more modern looking space. 

Our glass splashbacks have the best reflection quality and crystal-clear colours because of their low iron content.

We use an industry standard depth of 6mm for all of our splashbacks which provides additional safety and is the sweet spot for the strength to weight ratio. 

If you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen or bathroom without using tired old tiles, our quality glass splashbacks are just what you need.

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Why you Should Have Kitchen Splashbacks
  • More hygienic and safer than tiles,
  • Makes your kitchen look bigger,
  • Creates a feature wall in your kitchen,

Because there’s no grout to clean, glass splashbacks are easier to maintain than tiles or bare wall and only require a wipe down every now and then to keep them gleaming.

The toughened glass that we stock is able to withstand high amounts of heat and is perfect for placing behind hobs or cookers. 

As well, if toughened glass were to break, it wouldn’t shatter like normal glass would. It would instead crumble into small pieces that would be easy to clean up. 

This makes toughened glass a better option for use as a kitchen splashback because even though it’s highly unlikely that it will break, it’ll be safer if it does.

If you are replacing your kitchen tiles then you’ll notice your kitchen feels bigger; tiles have grout patterns that create depth and can make a room appear smaller than it is, whereas glass has a smooth finish, making a room look longer.

We understand that everyone has their own unique kitchen style, so all of our glass splashbacks are made bespoke to fit your own kitchen. 

You can also choose from a range of colours so it matches the design of the rest of your kitchen.

The coloured kitchen splashbacks are painted on the rear and this is where the low iron content of our glass is once again beneficial because it provides such a clear image through the glass that normal glass just simply couldn’t do.

Installing a glass splashback really lets you express yourself in your kitchen by acting as a statement piece in the room.

You can either create a contrast with the rest of the kitchen by choosing a colour that stands out next to your furniture, or you can bring the room together by choosing a colour that matches the current style. 

Can I Have Glass Splashbacks in my Bathroom?

Of course! Our splashbacks aren’t limited to use just in kitchens, we find they look great in bathrooms.

Partnering your bathroom sink or bathtub with a glass splashback can be a great way to decorate your bathroom in a modern way, and do something different than the typical tile design that most homes have.

Glass rather than tile also has its advantages in a bathroom because of the presence of heat and steam.

With tiles, condensation builds up on the surface of the tile and settles in the gaps in the grout which needs to be cleaned or it will settle into mildew. Not only this, it can also be difficult to clean if it has settled deep into the grout. 

Because glass has no seams, it requires less maintenance and provides less risk of harbouring mould over time.  

Other options people go for in their bathroom if they decide they want a more modern look are marble or granite. 

While they can look good, they are less naturally suited for bathrooms than toughened glass, and requires additional maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking good in the long term compared to glass.

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