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If you’re looking to modernise the look of your home then our glass balustrades could be the perfect solution. 

Made of solid tempered glass that’s naturally protected against breaking or shattering, they’re especially comforting if you have a house with kids or pets that like to run around. 

You’ll notice straight away how much more secure it is after replacing a typical spindle staircase or a traditional Juliet balcony with a strong glass balustrade.

We offer glass balustrades in a range of finishes and thicknesses, with multiple frames and railing systems as well as frameless options. 

We have over 10 years of experience in designing and installing the very best products across the North West and our knowledge really comes to the front when we create completely bespoke systems. 

No 2 staircases or balconies are the same so our technical team will create a design that works perfectly for you, reflecting your style and requirements. 

We’ll be able to discuss initial plans with you over the phone and consider the possibilities for your space.

When it comes to templating, we know the importance of accurate measuring and will ensure that we’ve prepared correctly so that there’s nothing that will slow us down once we get started on the installation process. 

If you’re worried about the glass causing an invasion to your privacy then you’ll be pleased to hear that we stock frosted glass as well as clear, so you have the choice of choosing a more private option if that suits you better.

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Why Choose Glass Balustrades
  • Better views inside and outside your property,
  • Make your space look bigger,
  • Rely less on artificial light,
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Most people want to swap their current balcony for a glass balustrade to take advantage of the views outside their window. 

If you have a balcony in the first place, why wouldn’t you want to have the best view possible? They also look much more impressive than standard metal or wooden balconies from the outside, so your neighbours will have something to envy!

Because they’re transparent, glass balustrades give the illusion that your area is more spacious than it really is which is good news for small balconies as well as creating the illusion of more space inside the home when used on staircases.

Used on balconies or around raised patio and decking areas, they have the added benefit of diffusing natural light. 

Not having steel or wood blocking any of your precious sunlight means the overall feel of your space will be brighter and happier!

While inside, they can make a room feel brighter and airier. Landing and hallway lights will create less shadows because they aren’t being blocked and you’ll have a much brighter and safer staircase.  

On top of this, glass balustrades are quick and easy to keep clean and looking brand new. No more hours polishing wooden spindles, some basic glass cleaner is all it takes to keep your glass spotless. 

Do Glass Balustrades Need Handrails?

They did, but since a British Standard update in 2011 they’re no longer necessary in every case.

We supply frameless glass balustrades without handrails that look sleek and modern, but we also supply handrails and continuous fixings that can also make your balustrades look just as good.

Will I Need Planning Permission for Glass Balustrades?

Not necessarily but this will depend entirely on the project and we’ll discuss this with you when planning your development.

Rest assured that all our products meet current British regulations and structural requirements. 

We can provide advice on whether you need to provide any documents to your local authority once we know more about your project.

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