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If you’re looking modernise the external aspect of your property then a glass Juliet balcony could be just the job.

A sleek sheet of glass can really make a difference to the look and feel of your property when compared to the traditional cage-like steel Juliet balconies.

No more thick black spindles spoiling your view, just a window to the world outside to bring the great outdoors into your home. 

We use high-quality tempered glass that’s designed to resist shattering so it’s extra safe for you and your family. 

And we can provide balconies with or without a handrail or continuous fixing, whatever you prefer.

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What are Juliet balconies?

Juliet balconies are barriers fitted to the external part of a property that separates a room from the outside where inward-opening full length windows or doors are fitted.

What separates them from normal balconies is that they don’t usually come with a platform to walk on, or if they do then it’s only a small area.

Think of the famous scene from Romeo and Juliet (where Juliet balconies got their name!), of Juliet leaning out of her window calling down for her lover.

They have a natural association with romance because of this and can completely change how you think of your property if you haven’t got one already. 

Why should I have a glass Juliet balcony?
  • Add value to your property,
  • More internal light,
  • Better external views,
  • Easier to maintain.

If you haven’t already got inward opening doors or windows then they can really improve the value of your property.

Providing the illusion of outdoor space (even if there’s no platform to walk on) above ground floor level can be the difference between your property attracting attention from buyers over the competition. 

If you’re not looking to sell your property, then just getting an extra use out of your property can bring life to a tired old room and fully change the vibe.

Your room will be brighter and better ventilated, perking you up more in the mornings. 

Even if you already have a steel Juliet balcony, replacing it with a glass one will be like opening a door to a room that you’ve only just discovered.

When people started getting steel Juliet balconies, they sparked a debate among people whether they improve the aesthetics of the area.

Some people didn’t like the cage-like feeling that they displayed and this could make them a pain to get in areas where nobody else had them yet. 

Glass Juliet balconies avoid this problem completely. Their design is unobtrusive and both blends in while also making a statement – a difficult task to accomplish!

We stock all kinds of glass Juliet balconies so we’re sure that we’ll have just what you need.

Want extra privacy with all the benefits that come with having glass Juliet balconies? Choose frosted glass! 

Want a balcony that’s easy to clean? Luckily glass is easier to maintain than steel is, and you can also choose to go for our self-cleaning glass panels.

Do I need planning permission for Juliet balconies?

The good news is if you’re replacing an existing Juliet balcony for a glass one then this can be done with no issues.

And if you’re installing a new Juliet balcony then the chances are that it’ll fall under permitted development, which is good news!

However, there can be instances where planning permission may be needed, especially if you are installing a brand new Juliet balcony.

The main one will be if you decide to include a floor aspect to the balcony then you’ll need to apply for planning permission.

This is because it counts as a raised platform to the external of your property, which a standard Juliet balcony avoids.

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