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If you’re looking to bring more light into your home then our glass rooflights offer just that, maximum daylight without the need for intrusive frameworks. 

It’s a well-known fact that natural daylight is so much better for us – it makes us feel good and also has the added benefit of being better for the environment, reducing the impact caused by artificial lighting. 

The extra warmth that comes from having the sunshine beamed directly into your home also reduces the need to crank your thermostat up. 

Used in offices, they can improve morale by offering more light, which helps with the overall mental and physical well-being of your team – results in increased productivity!

And if you still need convincing, then rooflights make areas look a lot more spacious – opening up rooms in way that doesn’t happen with traditional closed ceilings. 

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What are rooflights? 

Simply speaking, a rooflight is a glazed unit which is installed on a flat roof. They can be used on pitched roofs, but these would typically be fitted ‘out of plane’ with the level of the tiling.

They’re a stylish way to add extra light to homes and create the illusion of more space. 

Rooflights are usually installed using what is called an ‘upstand’ or ‘kerb’ system which then supports the glass and also allows for weathering to be attached. This ensures your rooflight is completely watertight. 

The added bonus is that they can be individually designed to your specific needs. Roof windows are, generally speaking, available in a limited range of shapes and styles but our rooflights are crafted just for you – allowing us to style a design which will soak up every available ounce of daylight. 

As flat roofs come back into fashion, especially on modern new builds, there is a definite increase in demand for rooflights 

Do I Need Planning Permission to Install a Rooflight?

You should be able to have a rooflight installed under your Permitted Development (PD) rights as long as it does not extend more than 15cm from the roof slope. 

It’s worth noting that if your plans include the rooflight projecting forward from the roof plane on the elevation fronting a highway then they are not permitted under PD.

You should also check with your local authority if you live in a conservation area. 

Rooflights do need to comply with Building Regulations, with the required U value met which can be complex, the pitch of your roof and whether it’s a new addition to your property or a replacement can affect the U value. 

We only use toughened glass for extra safety, so the glass won’t shatter if it does get broken, and we recommend heat-soaked glass if it’s being used high above floor level – for example, over 5m. 

How To Choose Your New Rooflight

If you’ve decided that you do want to install a rooflight, the next decision is choosing the right one for you. 

When it comes to the glass, then consider whether they will be difficult to get to. If so then you should consider self-cleaning glass. Dirt is more readily washed away by the rain due to the special coating which reacts with sunlight to bread down the dirt. 

As bespoke rooflight specialists we can help you create the perfect addition to your home with options including 

  • Rooflights that are strong enough for you to walk on
  • Retractable rooflights allowing the elements in, not just the light
  • Rooflights configured as lanterns where the roof becomes a terrace.

Of course, bringing extra daylight into your room means a warmer home which is great in winter but we often get asked whether it will lead to overheating in summer. 

If we’re lucky enough to get a long, hot summer then the sunshine can occasionally cause spaces behind the glass to become uncomfortably hot, especially if the rooflight faces south and the room is relatively small.

This can be combatted by using solar reflective glass, or glass with a low g factor or using physical shading (such as removable awnings or fixed panels. 

A rooflight with built in ventilation can also be used to even out temperature differences between inside and out.

How We Work

Our design team will work closely with you to create the perfect rooflight to complement your home and meet your needs. 

We aim to keep the whole process as simple as possible, once we have your plans, we will check to make sure they’re in keeping with the relevant Building Regulations.

The technical team will then go through all the implications of your bespoke rooflight and work with you to finalise your specifications including type of glass, structural loadings, thermal performance etc.

As soon as the design is finalised, we will send you detailed drawings and once approved, the installation team will arrange a suitable date and time with you. 

We have a highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team who are dedicated to delivering ensure spectacular results and our range of flat glass skylights are all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Rooflights are a great way to add more light to a space and are proven to add up to three times more light than an equivalent sized vertical window. 

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